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Bahçelievler Mah. Kaldirim Cad. Orme Sitesi 13-2 Cengelköy
34688 Istanbul
T:+90 216 332 4007

Bas L.M. Jansen

M: +90 543 868 3047

M: +90 543 868 3047



Consultants in Istanbul Turkey

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NilBa is an ICT and Internet consultancy organization, originally from the Netherlands, but since more than 10 years operational in Turkey. Our office is located in Istanbul.

NilBa is specialized in CIM - CRM, Project Management, Mind Mapping, Visualization & Communication, E-Marketing, Internet Consultancy and Content Management. 

NilBa is act! Certified Consultant and Registered Partner of several other companies.

NilBa ICT ve Internet danışmanlığı, Hollanda'dan kökenli 10 yıldır Türkiye'de operasyonlu kuruluştur. Ofisimiz İstanbul’da bulunmaktadır. NilBa CIM içinde - İhtisas CRM, proje yönetimi, zihin haritalama, görselleştirme & iletişim, E-pazarlama, Internet danışmanlığı ve içerik yönetimi.

NilBa bir Act! Danışman pazarlama yazılım ürünün sertifikalı kayıtlı ortağıdır.


The Contact Management and Customer Relationship Management market continues to be on a major evolutionary trajectory. Whether its cloud computing, open-source, or demand for business analytics and marketing automation functionality, there are a number of market dynamics having a tremendous impact on buyers and vendors alike. In the face of this constant change. NilBa ContactManagement is able to helps thousands of real CRM buyers make better decisions every day.

As the features and options for CRM packages continue to grow, we also help buyers assess vendors who can solve their specific business problems. NilBa's ability to track and measure the CRM buyers' research, evalution and purchase!

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From Outlook, Act!, IBM (Lotus) Notes, Palm Desktop, BCM, and GoldMine, to Android, iPhone, iPad, and Google,

Using USB, Direct, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Sync, DejaCloud
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DejaCloud is a secure business cloud service that keeps contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, categories, and contact photos updated across devices on every major computing platform - Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and Mac. Instant synchronization ensures a change to your data on one device triggers an update across all of your other devices.